Letter to The Nation (Bangkok) 11 August 1998

No charity please, Mr Znidaric

It was reported in The Nation (7 August) that HE George Znidaric, the Austrian Ambassador to Thailand, is upset that Thai citizens are not grateful for the help that the EU has given to Thailand through the IMF.

Our message to Mr Znidaric should be loud and clear. We do not want your charity Mr Znidaric. We want the opportunity to export our agricultural and textile products freely to the EU. By discriminating against our exports you have helped precipitate Thailand's financial crisis. To expect us to be grateful for your charity is adding insult to injury.

Your readers should know that this EU which Mr Znidaric represents, is the same EU that earlier this year vetoed a free trade agreement with struggling South Africa, despite appeals from Nelson Mandela, on the grounds that it would upset French farmers.

You may have fooled your own consumers as to the cost of your corrupt and insane Common Agricultural Policy, Mr Znidaric. You may even have fooled yourself. But I can assure you that you haven't fooled exporters in Thailand or anywhere else.

Ronnie Horesh Back to Social Policy Bonds homepage