Western trade hypocrisy

Blaming the west for at least some of Thailand's economic problems is perfectly justified.

Take a look at free trade for example, which the west is always preaching about at us.

Which three categories of goods offer Thailand and many other developing countries their best hopes for exports? Agriculture, textiles and clothing.

And which three categories of imported goods do western countries discriminate against the most, either by forbidding altogether, or by making them subject to impossibly high import tariffs and non-tarrif barriers? Yes, agriculture, textiles and clothing.

You might almost thing they don't want other countries to be able to export and develop. But the rich countries should beware. It is hardly surprising that, by making it so difficult for poor countries to export legitimate goods, they find it impossible to put a stop to the flow of drugs, pirate CDs and the like.

Ronnie Horesh

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